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We’ve partnered with Enara Health to provide comprehensive Weight Management and Obesity Care for our patients.

The Enara program makes sustainable weight loss possible — by helping you make healthy lifestyle changes.


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Member Success Story

Christine’s Story

Hi everyone, my name is Christine Sullivan and I, like many others, am an emotional eater! Thankfully, Enara has helped me discover how to be emotionally in control in regards to food and making better choices…

Like for many of us, the pandemic was hard on me. I often found myself overeating, depressed and feeling ashamed about how badly I had let myself go. Additionally, I suffered from an ongoing knee issue which kept me from being active for nearly a year. I knew that I needed to make big changes in my life, starting with my diet and that I need support from other people. When I joined Enara I found those ‘other people’ which included my Nutrition Specialist, Dalia Siada and my Medical Provider, Andrea Pollema; both of whom became my biggest cheerleaders and source of accountability.

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No referral necessary