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When it’s important to evaluate your heart health, stress testing can offer valuable information to your cardiologist. Phoenix Heart offers multiple options for testing the function of your heart and determining the best approach to your cardiac care. To schedule a cardiac stress test, call today or book an appointment online with one of the convenient Phoenix Heart offices in Glendale, Goodyear, Anthem, Buckeye, Laveen, Cottonwood, or Black Canyon City, Arizona.

Stress Testing Q & A

What is a Stress Test?

A stress test, or cardiac stress test, is a diagnostic tool that helps determine how your heart performs while at rest and under physical stress. Evaluating your heart when at rest and under stress conditions can give your provider valuable information, such as:

  • How your heart muscle moves at rest and under exertion
  • How your heart rhythm or blood pressure responds to stress
  • How your blood flows through the veins and arteries of your heart
  • Whether you have pain or shortness of breath with activity or at rest


A stress test can indicate how your heart would respond when you exercise and can help determine if it’s safe for you to participate in certain activities.

What are the Types of Stress Test?

There are several types of stress test, and each is slightly different in the way it’s performed.

  • Exercise Stress Test: A test performed using electrocardiogram (EKG) electrodes to closely monitor your heart rhythm, blood pressure, and heart rate while you’re walking and resting. This is sometimes called a treadmill stress test.
  • Stress Echocardiogram: An imaging test that utilizes cardiac ultrasound, or an echo, while you walk on a treadmill to visualize how your heart moves during exercise and at rest.
  • Nuclear Stress Test: An imaging test that uses a specialized dye that shows up under X-ray and medications that simulate physical stress on your heart. Images are taken while your heart is at rest, and while it’s under stress.


Your provider orders these tests based on your physical abilities, symptoms, and heart history, as well as which test may help them get the clearest picture of your heart health.

What Can I Expect During My Stress Test?

Before your stress test, a member of the Phoenix Heart team calls with instructions specific to you and your testing. It’s important that you follow their directions, so that your testing is as effective as possible.

Some instructions you may receive are:

  • To hold off taking certain medications
  • To not eat or drink within a few hours of your test
  • To avoid using creams or lotions on your chest
  • To wear specific clothing or shoes


How long your stress test takes, or if you require more than one visit to complete your test, is specific to your type of stress test and your specific testing needs.

To schedule a cardiac stress test, or for a consultation regarding your heart health, call Phoenix Heart today or book an appointment online.

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